Historic Shelburne


Shelburne’s built wooden heritage is the most significant in Canada and the small Historic District rivals any area of North America for its density of pre-1800 wooden buildings.

¬†Click here for a panoramic view of Shelburne’s Historic Waterfront District.

Wander along Dock Street which borders the world’s third largest natural harbour. Eight of the twelve dwellings facing the water were built before 1785. Six narrow lanes and four streets retain the same dimensions and character as laid out by British surveyors who established a city from scratch in 1783 to house over 15,000 Loyalists escaping the American Revolution.


A walk through the Historic District can be a walk through architectural history from 1783 to 1900. Of the 46 residential properties in the District, only one was built after 1900 and over a dozen architectural styles are present.

As shown below, Shelburne has a number of museums to help you step back in time and learn about this Loyalist town’s history.

Local Attractions

Aside from it’s history, Shelburne offers a wealth of attractions to its visitors.

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A stroll along the waterfront will give you beautiful views of Shelburne Harbour, which is the worlds third largest natural harbour, and out to the Sandy Point Lighthouse. Grab a tasty coffee and snack from The Beandock while you browse the shelves for a souvenir to take back to family and friends. Watch the sailboats¬† during one of their races from the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club. Enjoy a delectable gourmet experience at Charlotte Lane Cafe and Craft Gallery with displays of Nova Scotia crafts, or Lothar’s Cafe for a delicious taste of German cuisine. Then take in an evening of entertainment at the Osprey Arts Centre.


Click here for a panoramic view of Shelburne’s Historic Waterfront District

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Shelburne has a variety of annual festivals and events that are sure to delight the whole family. There are many outdoor activities, such as the many beaches and lakes. There’s a park for camping, or enjoying the fresh air on an afternoon walk. Take your camera anywhere in Shelburne County as there are many photo opportunities whether sightseeing, birdwatching, or taking in the beautiful sunsets.

There is lots to see and do. Come and see for yourself…



Charming, comfortable and welcoming, this two bedroom housekeeping accommodation in a 200+ year old home is in the heart of Shelburne, Nova Scotia’s beautiful Historic District. In a wonderful area for walking, it is close to shopping, dining, museums and, as well, the marina, yacht club and performing arts centre are right across the way.

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